Dear regrets- “let me go”

People say -"nothing stays forever." Well I will put it as-"nothing exists to stay forever."
People come and leave, not physically though but the attachment weakens, if they weren't there to leave then why would goodbyes exist.
I have learnt to let go and wait for whats next. A new part of me originates everyday with an old me dying. And the new is a little more experienced and modified.

When I pay a visit to my past, some of it tells me how happy and better my life has become and some of it just reminds me of my losses but that too ends up making me stronger. A new person is introduced to my life daily, the only difference that remains is the impact of the person in my life. Every day leaves a regret, a moment and a reason. I would rather prefer conceiving another battle rather than wasting my time on the one I already fought.

I cannot change myself but I can definitely mend me. I cannot be like everyone else but none can be me either and that is what makes me 'ME.' I don't want to change myself, not because I am happy or I am unhappy but because 'I' is the result of my succeeding life, my journey till the present and nobody can change their past but only better their future.
Every person has a story.
Every person has a cover.
Its just your mindset which either chooses to read the story or just judge it by its cover.